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This is the first prototype for Récolte!

For now the setup is very simple:
- You move your character with WASD.
- You select the crops you want to plant with 1, 2 and 3.
- You interact with things with SPACE BAR.

The character performs the appropriate action depending on his state and the interaction target state.

There are 10 pieces of land you can use to plant crops. 
And there is a shop (kind of...) to sell the crops.

You need to water the soil. The water level of the soil decreases when there is a plant growing on it. It also decreases with time, especially during summer.

Each plant has its specificities: Planting season, growth duration and water needs.

For now, I set the speed so that a month is 20 seconds. Meaning, 1 minute for a season, 4 minutes for a year.

As you can imagine, the To-do list is a mile long. There will be weather events that will help (rain) or destroy the crops (storm...). There will be things to buy at the shop (more crops, more land...)

Oh yeah...  One small detail: There is still no sound in this demo...

Install instructions

Unzip the file, and launch the game.


Récolte.7z 66 MB

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